The social ad-networks are making people primitive

Many do not understand why using facebook, twitter, tiktok, instagram and the like, is connected to us polluting, destroying, lying, not giving a shit about the world in general, poverty, inequality and such. But it is a very direct relationship. These ad-networks only want to trade with you (you to give data to them, your attention, your currency), and so it will serve you any content that results in more data, currency or attention being mined. In other words, if nonsense videos and posts and conspiracies are what makes people click, engage, buy, then that’s what these ad-networks will show you. And that’s what “content creators” will produce. Dumb down content, creating a dumb down population.

The primitive brain is a result of the trade-based game.

And this results in the numbness and inactivity we see today in regards to solving anything. Or the misleading approaches of these primitive brains, who have no clue what creates the problems we see in the world.

Democracy, they scream. Changing politicians, they demand. Punish the bad, reward the good. A primitive approach, of primitive minds, created by a primitive system where all we want, is to trade.